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Relentlessly Improving

We believe on relentless improvement on developing our services, teams and people. This means constantly learning, improving old and building new capabilities.

How we work​

Our products are run in separate Business Teams, which are empowered to be fully self-driven. Our developers work within the business teams, in full DevOps model being in control of everything from the application code to the infrastructure and as such can make the best technology decisions and innovations independently. For us being Full Stack means that team takes full ownership of everything from driving the product business value to building the production infrastructure.

We believe in constant improvement for our services, teams and people. For us this means dedicating 10% of our work time to hacking, studying, sharing knowledge, building new tools or just trying out new technologies. Our working environment provides exciting opportunities to develop our skills, push boundaries and grow our capabilities.

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Our Tech

Our developers are empowered to take full advantage of the latest and greatest from AWS. The services are running in ECS as stateless containers with full automation, from end-to-end testing to scaling to disaster recovery and monitoring. Deployments are done through Continuous Delivery, automated straight from the code repository.

Regarding specific technologies we believe in Docker, AWS and JavaScript/TypeScript with all teams working with Node.js and React, plus some React Native thrown in.

Our Products
Seiska is an entertainment-focused website, a peeking window behind celebrity scenes through videos, photo galleries and blogs.
Our People

We are part of the Nordic organization with over 100 developers and designers in 5 offices across 4 Nordic countries.​

In Helsinki, few of the people include:

Juha K.
Juha K.
As Head of all Nordic development teams, Juha draws the big picture between separate teams in Finland, Sweden and Denmark.
Anastasia R.
Anastasia R.
Anastasia is our Front-ender a.k.a Jack of all trades - Scrum Master, GTM&GA Specialist, photographer, dog-lover, vegetarian...
Mikko T.
Mikko T.
Mikko is the Head of Development, coordinates with the teams and makes sure technologies, tools and systems align towards common future.